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            他們彼此深信,是瞬間迸發的熱情讓他們相遇。這樣的確定是美麗的, 但變幻無常更為美麗。下面是關於英語愛情短篇散文的內容,歡迎閱讀!



            I have always believed that reading books can expand the mind, touch the heart, and enrich the soul. They can also cause your imagination to do some funny things at times. I can remember several years ago reading a book where the hero 孟非女兒went through several tragedies and at one point in the midst of his pain and torment cried out: “Where is Love?”. At that moment in my imagination I leapt into the story, grabbed him by the arm and told him: “It’s everywhere! It’s everywhere!”Love is everywhere. You just have to open your heart to see it.


            For me it is there every time I watch th張國偉退役e dawn break upon a new day. It is there every time a brisk winter breeze blows across my face. It is there in the first flower of Spring. It is there in the green gr新神雕俠侶在線觀看ass of Summer. It is there in the last leaf of Fall. It is there every time my handicapped sons give me a hug. It is there every time my daughter laughs at one of my dumb jokes. It is there in the adoring eyes of my old beagle and my new puppy. It is there in the purring cat that naps on my chest. It is there in the smile of the clerk behind the counter. It is there in the old man who opens a door for me. It is there when I read a letter from a friend. It is there every time I pray. It is there in everything I write and every act of kindness I do.


            The Bible tells us that “God is Love.” And since God is without beginning or end then so is love. It fills all of His creation. It fills us as well every time we open our hearts and souls to it. Don’t shut out love then. Don’t live your life in pain. Open your heart instead. Share your love instead. You will find that the more love you give away, th香蕉中文字幕免費視頻e more love you wil免費追劇大全電視劇網站l have. You will find that the more love you share, the more God’s love will surround you. You will find that when you live your life in love, you will find love everywhere.




            I got married when I was 23 years old, and for a while I was unhappy. I couldn't break up our marriage cuz I had always believed divorce was not an option. So I tried to live one day at a time, not over-thinking the future, hoping that things will get better some day.


            The problem was, it was all me, my wife didn't do anything to upset me and she's genuinely innocent. I didn't laugh when she was telling jokes, mainly because一人香蕉在線二 she can't tell jokes and always mess up the punchline, it's also because I didn't love her anymore, but I tried to crack a smile as hard as it was.


            I didn't even notice when she wore something new or fixed herself for me. I was aware of my problem and that's why I was going crazy, the fact that it's all me. Tha奧奇傳說t being said, I have never hurt her or even said something unpleasant to her, I never acted on those feelings, I kept my shit to myself.


            One day I had to just get away for a while, clear my mind, and try and see a bigger picture, if there was one. Of course I didn't make it seem like i'm taking a break or anything, i'm a good actor.


            So I left, and took a road trip. Driving always helped me get better for the night. I drive alone and talk out loud and let it all out so I don't burst up and explode during the day.


            Nothing happened during those silent days of driving, except that she called me twice everyday to check on me.


            She never missed a call, and suddenly I realized that I was waiting for her to forget to call me. I keep realizing how much of an asshole I am.One day while driving I had a moment of clarity, it was so beautiful that I smiled and cried at the same time.


            My mind drew a picture for me and here it is.. My wife crying while i'm not there or I can't see her, then she gathers herself and acts normal when im there, and tries to tell a joke just to get me to smile even though she knows she can't tell jokes, and for some reason, she was wearing a white dress.


            I was thinking about my own happiness so much that I forgot to think about how miserable i'm making her feel. I never hated myself more than I did at that moment.


            I turned the car around and drove home, and while i'm on the road, I kept imagining her in that white dress. It made me happy. And I recalled some of the jokes she had told me before, and I laughed about how she messed up the punchline every time.That was three years ago, we had two daughters since then and I can't believe how lucky I am that I didn't mess it up. I'm thankful that she didn't leave me when she had every excuse to. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that with every love song that I hear, I think of her.


            So to the people who think they don't love their partners anymore, dig a little deeper. There's a scene in the movie Hachi: A Dog's Tale, where the father asks his daughter's boyfriend, "Do you love my daughter? Because that's what you want to remember in the bad days."